Industrial plug sockets and connectors feature


Industrial plugs and couplers fall into four categories: plugs, receptacles, connectors, and electrical input sockets, commonly referred to as industrial plug sockets.

Industrial plug sockets have the following characteristics:

1. Safe and reliable

(1) The rated voltage of these products is indicated by the color of the cabinet (e.g., blue =220V, red =380V). It's easy to tell at a glance, no mistakes.

(2) According to the different specifications, the diameter of the product, the number of poles, the ground contact position is different, should only insert the same specification, so as to avoid the insertion error.

(3) with anti-shock function. The grounding pole of the socket is longer than the upper pole, and the middle pole ensures that the grounding pole before the plug is separated when the grounding pole is pulled out, which is very safe.

(4) High level of protection. IP44 anti-splash, IP67 anti-splash, etc. Not only can the human body not touch the live parts, but also can be used in different environmental conditions, so as to ensure safety.

(5) Wear elastic bands on the sleeves. After insertion, the contact is tight, the conductivity is good, and the service life is long.

(6) After plugging in the socket, there is a holding device, so that each other tightly, prevent falling off, greatly improve the reliability.

(7) Cable clamp device, can clamp the cable shell, do not fall off, safe use.

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