The characteristics of industrial plug and its material?


When it comes to industrial plugs, we should know that once they are of poor quality, they must be an important cause of electrical fires. Small industrial plugs seriously harm the personal and property safety of consumers. Let's look at the basics. Let's take a look at its features and materials. If you don't understand, you can learn.

Of course, industrial plugs also contain a lot of basic information before use. Here, the first thing you need to know is the industrial plug, also called waterproof plug socket, IEC309 plug socket and European standard plug socket -- that is, European standard plug socket. Staff should be aware that it has been widely used in industrial power distribution due to its water and dust resistance. So you can see it on a lot of occasions. At this point, its main functions are power connection, input, and power distribution. What we need to know when buying is the shell. Waterproof plug and socket using imported high quality plastic, but also reliable enterprise owned. In this case, under normal use, 90℃ no deformation, -40℃ technical indicators unchanged.

When using electronic industry plugs, in addition to what Xiaobian said, there are some other relevant knowledge points we need to master. The first thing you need to know about developing here is the plastic chip. Generally speaking, waterproof industrial plug product core is mainly used in the use of fireproof plastic packaging materials. When used, as long as working in a normal living environment, the temperature can reach 120℃. In the flame retardant test, there is no effect on the visible flame, and there is no economic sustained light. Silk paper does not catch fire. In fact, this is one of its distinctive strengths. And extinguish the flame and light within 30 seconds after its burning wire is removed. Good industrial plugs are mainly made of high-quality service imported copper, with a good connection system function and anti-corrosion treatment function.

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